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Here at Road Pioneer, we specialise in helping customers who are planning trips that involve driving in China. Regardless of whether you are organising a road trip to China in your own car or motorcycle, or planning on driving in China after hiring a vehicle in the country, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you.

Driving to China may seem daunting, especially given the country’s strict laws governing foreign drivers. Yet, our friendly team can simplify the process, assisting with everything from obtaining a temporary Chinese driving licence and fitting Chinese number plates to your vehicle, to applying for a visa and securing the necessary travel permits.

We are passionate about empowering self-driving tourists, giving you the freedom to experience China on your own terms. Our customers come from all parts of the world, so no matter whether you are looking to travel to China from Europe, southeast Asia, India or elsewhere, we look forward to working with you.

Our experience, enthusiasm and expertise mean we are ideally placed to partner with businesses too. Indeed, Road Pioneer’s insights and local connections mean we are able to reliably work with travel agencies, event planners, marketing departments and other organisations seeking to arrange driving trips or automotive events in China. We provide following services for your Automotive Events: drive/ride events, media events, test drives, support for automotive conference/show, customer relations and brand film/image productions.

Frequently Asked Routes

For people driving to china and crossing china by car

Driving to China and Crossing China by Car?

Road Pioneer is the right one for you!

Team of Experts

Our team are knowledgeable and experienced in route planning, visa support, border crossing, customs requirements, application for driver license/number plate and all other processes in the industry.

Good government relations

Customs, border control, visa, driver’s license, license plate, travel in china, etc. If something goes wrong, we can solve it quickly.

Price & service

We offer attractive and stable pricing with a perfect balance between quality and price. We meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way.

Wanderlust & Explore

Our Passion is for cars, motorbikes, automotive Events and Discovery

Every year many globetrotters discover the world with car or motorcycle. From Europe to China, India or Southeast Asia is a popular route. You can also go back to Europe through China.

Useful Information

Everything you should know for Driving to China and Crossing China by car

Driving to China and Crossing China by Car

Roads are a record of those who have gone before

Feasibility of driving to china and crossing china by car

Can you drive through China with own car? Is it possible to cross china with motorcycle? The answer is yes, no matter the vehicles are registered abroad or in china.

With which kind of vehicle can you drive through China?

Normal cars, off-road vehicles, motorhomes, modified RV, trucks, fire engines, electric cars, vintage cars, motorcycles, racing cars…
According to our experience, almost all legal vehicles with complete formalities are allowed to enter China.

Process of driving to china and crossing china by car

– Apply for Chinese tourist visa
– Car / motorcycle temporarily imported into China
– Car or motorcycle provisionally registered in China
– Apply for Chinese temporary driver’s license
– Received Chinese temporary registration number and driver’s license
– Accompanied by a Chinese tour guide
– Arranged and supported by a Chinese travel agency

Pioneer Driving Guide

The ultimate guide for driving through China