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Self-Styled Road Trips Through China

Boasting a population of over 1.4 billion inhabitants and covering more than 9.6 million square kilometres, China is the third-largest country in the world. It should therefore come as no great surprise that countless tourists and visitors arrive here each and every year in order to experience everything that this amazing region has to offer. One of the best ways to obtain an up-close and personal view is to plan a road trip to various locations. Not only will you need plenty of time during the journey itself, but a bit of planning can go a long way if you are looking to avoid any unexpected complications along the way. Let us first take a look at some must-see attractions to consider before moving on to examine a handful of travel-friendly suggestions.

Some Amazing Destinations and Roads in China

In terms of the sheer number of road trips possible, the entire concept of China transit will provide you with a host of unique opportunities. Let us take a quick look at three of what many consider to represent the most memorable journeys.

The Guoliang Tunnel Road

Many travel experts consider this road to be the most picturesque journey in the entire country. Nestled within the majestic Taihang Mountains, Gouliang Tunnel Road has literally been carved into the side of a sheer cliff face. The good news is that it is only 1.2 kilometres long; ideal if you happen to be slightly claustrophobic. However, the surrounding views are likely to leave you wanting more. Note that this road is also the only means to reach a quaint village of the same name.

The S313 Highway

This next route is ideal if you are planning China transit with own car. Offering no fewer than 150 kilometres of open-air beauty punctuated by ancient Tibetan stone huts, the S313 is arguably the best way to experience the true heartland of China. Nature likewise abounds; offering splendid views of rolling meadows, massive poplar trees and streams that often run directly underneath the motorway itself. If you are looking to enjoy a bit of a break during the journey, be sure to check out the Huiyuan Monastery located in the town of Xie De.

Xinjiang – The Uygur Autonomous Region

This region is found in the western portion of China and close to its border with Kyrgyzstan. Famous as being one of the destinations associated with the immortal Silk Road, you can now experience Uygur in all of its natural splendour. If you are planning to experience China transit with own motorcycle or by car, it is normally best to visit Uygur during the summer months; the temperatures here are much more amenable. Furthermore, there are countless crystalline lakes which are interspersed throughout the entire region. These are ideal for a daytime picnic or simply snapping a few pictures along the way. On a final note, the Kanas Lake National Reserve has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Yaxi Expressway

This route is commonly referred to as the “Sky Road” by the local population. It is therefore ideally suited for China transit via car or motorcycle. As you might have already imagined, the views here are truly magnificent. This mainly arises from the fact that the motorway is comprised of no fewer than 270 viaducts which rise high above the terrain below. However, keep in mind that this journey will normally require more than a single day (the total length is 240 kilometres). The Yaxi Expressway begins in Ya’an and ends at Xichang.

How to Prepare for Your Journey in Advance: Logistical Considerations

Now that we have taken a look at some of the most iconic destinations for a China transit with own car, what steps will you need to take to prepare in advance? The most obvious consideration is to plan your trip in advance. Map out the exact route and if possible, ensure that your GPS navigation is functioning properly. It is still critical to bring a physical map in the event that digital navigation happens to fail.

Another lesser-known concern is to take into account issues such as accidents or motorway construction. While GPS systems may alert you to these situations, there are times when you might happen upon an incident that causes lengthy delays. So, it is always best to give yourself at few extra hours of leeway.

What is the Best Time to Take a Road Trip Across China?

China is an extremely large country and it is therefore associated with a wide spectrum of climates. However, the majority of experts agree that there are two seasons which are the most appropriate for a road trip:

– Between April and May
– Between September and October

Still, this does not necessarily apply to large metropolitan areas which tend to be located near the ocean (Shanghai, Beijing and Xi’an). Inland temperatures and weather conditions have been known to fluctuate much more frequently, so it is always best to play it safe (particularly when referring to China transit with own motorcycle).

Safety Precautions

Safety is a primary concern during any road trip. This is why it is important to create a checklist before your journey begins. Some items to bring along should include:

-Drinking water and food
-A first-aid kit
-An emergency blanket
-A smartphone charger
-Road flares

On a final note, be sure to tell at least one other person when you expect to be arriving at a specific destination.

China offer unforgettable natural and cultural experiences

China offers a patchwork of unique and unforgettable cultural experiences. A road trip with your own vehicle is one of the best ways to create memories to last a lifetime. Please take a closer look at the destinations highlighted above and as always, feel free to perform additional research in order to fully appreciate all that this nation has to offer.

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