Pioneer Travel Guide

The Wanderlust Gene: Some People Are Born To Travel and Explore. We call them Pioneer.

Even if some academics may argue, nearly every scientific theory describes the migration of human being. It began in a slow fashion. Some peoples started in Africa their way to new territories in the world. 120,000 years ago other peoples started their journey towards the Eurasian continent and 60,000 years ago to Australia, Europe, Northern Asia und America. Finally, the humans captured the whole world.

The most important reason for migration is the survival of the human beings. But we also think, that our ancestors were also keen to know more. They wanted to know how the landscapes beyond the deserts, mountains and oceans looked like.

We believe (of course without a scientific basis) that:

Courage and curiosity led our human ancestors to their expeditions
The human wanderlust is caused by genetic reasons

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